What IS Contraband?

What do you overlook in your life? Errands? The homeless? The sick? The drug addicts? How about those pennies rattling around in your pocket? Those little copper circles that REALLY don't amount to anything right? I can't count how many times I've thrown a penny or a handful of them away because, really, they're JUST pennies. Contraband cares about pennies. Because those pennies aren't some piece of currency to us, they represent ALL of our overlooked brothers. The skate kids that hang out in the parking lot trying to get that tre flip down because if they go home, mom is drunk and dad beats them. The Punk rockers that you always find at the shows banding together because they've been brutalized their whole life and they finally have a family to support them. The aspiring musicians that spend years as a roadie, just TRYING to meet that producer or famous person to just listen to their fucking CD. Those overlooked? Those are our people. On the Titanic, there were three decks. A class, B class, and C class. No one from the C class made it off that ship alive. We're their lifeboat, their family, their lifeline. Contraband.